Perth community Sacha P, age 41: After receiving a course of acupuncture treatments, which is painless despite the insertion of needles, some of my symptoms of stress and depression have greatly subsided. I feel a lot calmer, less anxious, confident and happier. It was great.


Fiona M, age 40: Acupuncture has been a wholly positive experience for me. I came to the Meridian Clinic for my irregular periods and premenstrual tension. My doctor listened unhurriedly to my symptoms, gave me a thorough examination and prescribed both herbal medicine and acupuncture. My symptoms have been treated effectively and I feel so much better, physically and mentally. I was a little anxious about the use of needles before the treatment, but I now find it relaxing. I would have no hesitation in recommending the Meridian Clinic for professional, positive and healthy treatments.


Stuart F, age 22: I've recently undergone a 2 month treatment of muscle massage and acupuncture at the Meridian Clinic for lower back pain and shooting pains down my legs (pain consistent with that of sciatica, both my GP and Dr Xu informed me). I work in a job where manual labour is part of my day and found it painful to bend and lift, and on the worst days, even walk. I sought help from my GP but was only ever given pain killers which merely masked the pain. After 18 months of painkillers, and reluctance from my GP to address the cause of the problem, I contacted Dr Xu at the Meridian Clinic. After 4 treatments I can now bend and move a lot more freely and the pain and numbness in my legs is completely gone. I would highly recommend anyone with back trouble to give this a go as I found it to be very helpful and welcomed the end of constant pain killer use!!


Elizabeth M, age 77: I had been suffering from Labyrinthitis. Symptoms included very bad dizziness, nausea and sickness. I went to my GP, and he prescribed some pills to provide some relief, but unfortunately this did not happen in my case. I decided to try the route of Chinese medicine and contacted Dr. Xu at the Meridian Clinic in Perth. After discussing my symptoms, Dr. Xu gave me a mixture of various herbs with directions to boil some of these and then drink the liquid. This was quite an experience since the 'flavour' wasn't like any medication I had tasted before. However, I persevered, became used to the taste, and within a matter of a few days I felt an improvement. I completed the course over about ten days and the distress I had gone through had disappeared.


Anne L, Age 67, West Lothian: I used to take a strong painkiller and non steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs for my arthritic disease. I also attended chiropractic and osteopathic practitioners for pain relief (my feet and ankles are the most painful joints). They sometimes did helped to reduce the pain, but it never stopped. Since my very first treatment at the Meridian Clinic 4 years ago, I found complete relief from pain. It was so good I walked for several hours afterwards which I couldn't before. Amazingly, after 6 weekly treatments, the pain in my feet and ankles was almost gone, and my life got back to normal again! Now I just attend once a month for maintenance and the result has been successfully kept steady. I have no need for regular pain medication any more! So I strongly recommend Meridian Clinic's acupuncture to all who suffer with pain.


Andrew M, Age 65, Kinross: I had problems with my knees for years, and the pain used to be very severe which restricted my walking and work. I went to see Dr. Xu at the Meridian Clinic last year. After his treatments, my knees were much better, and the pain is almost gone. I am up and running!


Rhona S, Perth: As a consequence travelling abroad on a regular basis I ended up suffering from sinusitis after almost every flight. This usually resulted in having to take antibiotics 2/3 times a year. In May of this year I also started suffering from mild symptoms of hay fever, resulting in my sinuses becomong painful and I was generally lacking in energy. I decided to look for an alternative method of treating my symptoms and decided to try acupuncture. I had heard a lot of good reports about the Meridian clinic and decided to give it a try. I have been delighted with the results. I have not had any of my old symptoms which I suffered from after flying, my energy levels have increased and I now go for regular sessions as I am so pleased with the benefits I have gained from this treatment.


M. McLean, Perthshire: Having previously taken the conventional route of medical professionals after experiencing back pain and stiffness caused by gardening and other mishaps, I decided to try acupuncture. I 'found' Dr Xu at the Meridian Clinic in Scott Street several years ago, and for me, relief and easy mobility returned within a few days and sometimes even after only one visit, from his treatment. The speed of improvement from his acupuncture, far exceeded that of over the counter pain relief or physiotherapy. Acupuncture is non-invasive and certainly not painful and Dr Xu is gentle and sympathetic. I have recommended him to many friends and would gladly recommend him to any other person in need.


Nikki B, Perth: I want to thank you for the wonderful work you did to help me with morning sickness. The results have been, at times, quite dramatic and hugely beneficial, helping me return to normal life. You are a kind and gifted person. I gratefully appreciate what you have done.


Andy D, Perth: From October 2013 my 9 year old son had been suffering from severe stomach pain which would double him over and reduce him to tears. The pain would last for up to six weeks at a time with no relief. This would result in him missing school and all his other activities and was seriously affecting his quality of life and everyone else in our family. He had seen eleven different doctors and was admitted to Ninewells hospital for observation. He had several blood tests taken and gave stool samples and urine samples several times, to no avail. He was subjected to various drugs and on one occasion was sent home from hospital with morphine to mask the pain. I was shocked at this and refused to let him take the medicine. After many months of no one being able to actually find out what was wrong with him he took another bout of this illness in June 2014. After suffering for five days, again not eating etc., I decided I had to look at other options for him. This led us to Dr Xu and my son began treatments on a Saturday. That evening he started to eat and drink and on the Sunday we had a day out at Scone Palace where he took part in some of the activities going on that day. I was delighted and we returned to Dr Xu on the Wednesday for treatment number two. My son has never looked back since and is enjoying full fitness once more and my family can't thank Dr Xu enough. This leaves me with no hesitation in recomending Dr Xu to anyone looking for an alternative to pain killers and looking to get their life back. Dr Xu, for us anyway, you are a modern day healer like no other and I wish you and your family a long and healthy life. Thank you very much.


Kirsty N: After an unsuccessful round of IVF I was recommended acupuncture as a good accompaniment to fertility treatment. I started receiving acupuncture prior to starting my 2nd round of IVF, throughout my IVF treatment, and following a successful pregnancy test I continued until the 12 week scan. I cannot thank Dr Xu enough as I think the acupuncture definitely contributed to the success of the IVF, he is extremely reassuring and positive. The acupuncture kept me calm, relaxed, helped me to sleep and stay positive during a highly anxious time. The needles are painless and each session left me feeling relaxed whilst invigorated, I would highly recommend!