Meridian Clinic, Perth, Scotland


The Meridian Clinic was first established in 2003 in the scenic and historic city of Perth, Scotland. It offers treatments in acupuncture, Chinese herbal medicine and therapeutic massage (Tui-na).


We aim to introduce Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) to the locality and further afield, to use the best of our knowledge and ability, and our medical skills to improve the quality of people's lives.


Dr. Xu, the founder of the clinic is a fully-qualified TCM doctor trained in both Chinese and orthodox medicine with over 20 years clinical experience. A large number of local people with various health conditions have experienced a great deal of benefit from his high standard and professional service.


Since opening, the Meridian Clinic has gained a very good reputation throughout Perthshire and the surrounding area. It has become one of the most popular alternative medicine clinics in Scotland.


From 2017, Dongchun Zhao has joined Meridian Clinic. She practices Beauty Therapy and Cosmetic Acupuncture.